Some people just don’t know how privileged they are with good health, supporting parents, financial help, and potential. It is indeed true – you value things when you don’t have them. Some people have talent; they don’t know how to work hard. Some people have no talent but they can work hard. Some people have both and they are just sitting and doing nothing.

They are waiting for the “right time”. That’s the funny thing about time it is always right once you know how to use it. Nothing comes easy, one always has to explore and hustle.

So you, who took time to read this, if you are okay, in good health, have a good amount of time and support – Work towards something big. Not everyone is privileged. If you are, be grateful.

You must be thinking why such strong, forcing message? Why do I care?
Well, I am one of those not so privileged people. I want every minute of my day to count, I am passionate about my work, I dream big, I just lack one thing – Good health. I thrive every day to just feel better, I pray to God that hopefully today I will be able to give my hundred percent. I struggle every minute with my health yet I try to work as much possible as my health allows me to. I have big dreams and I do work for them, even though when something big is holding me back every day. So, I value the time I have here in this world, and I do everything to make it meaningful and awesome.

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Winter #haiku

Winter hits,
thoughts freeze; Spring never came
back to me.

The biggest fear of a writer. The biggest fear of a person who gets numb because of some incident. The biggest fear of turning something cold, where once flowers bloomed.

To all my fellow writers,
Hope your thoughts keep blooming and your winter soon passes.

P.S: It was my first attempt to write ‘Haiku’, please drop your suggestions and comments. This Haiku contains 11 syllables ( 3-5-3) pattern.
*An alternative form of haiku consists of 11 on in three phrases of 3, 5, and 3 on, respectively. (Source: Wikipedia)

© Kinjal Jain

Ink on the Paper

Thoughts keep me awake

Dreams make me anxious


All that can make me sleep is the freshly spilled ink on my paper.