Seek Within

Thousands of years has gone by and the mankind has evolved. It has entered the world of loneliness, over-thinking, distracting negatively, and depression.

In the growing era of building social connections the people are getting more and more lonely. They have so many people around them and yet find themselves struggling from loneliness within.

Wherever you go, wherever you stay, whatever you want to change,

Far you shouldn’t go, its right within your range.

From the very beginning every philosopher has pointed that to bring a change in the world, you first have to win your own battles. Until you don’t seek your essence, you cannot impart the meaning defining the world.

Learn to know yourself and love yourself. Then and only then, walk into the world and help others. It is the biggest battle of Kalyug to teach the right and healthy ways of living.
Seek Within!

Note : Inspired by an article read in TOI.

Step Into The Beautiful


Nothing huge still life changing.

Fall in love,
with the sunshine
with the morning noises
with the routine chores
with the way to your workplace
with the smile a stranger passes
with the Good Morning texts
with Everything usual
to make it unusually exceptional!

Fall hard. Fall in love with your life.

The Language of Love : A Poem



In the mid-summer’s night, you were looking at me
enchanting stars glowing in your eyes…

WAIT, WHAT?! Noooooooo…..

It was a normal day
normal midnight talk
an average couple
discussing the whole day
And suddenly, he made her smile
for a simple promise of meeting tomorrow
this smile was different from the rest of her smiles
this one was special, because he Unknowingly
touched those chords of her heart
which Knowingly made her fall in love with him.

P.S : Sometimes you love a person for not the things they are deliberately doing, but for the things they unknowingly do and it touches your heart.

Anyone can write anything about love. Why? Because it does not belong to a single person. Its not a genre for expertise. It is felt by everyone, only the frequencies are different.
Poets drown themselves in such posh vocabulary, amazing metaphors, verses, and rhythm to describe the feeling “love” (no objections, I love it). But, for me, love is the simplest and easiest language, sometimes conveyed just with a little smile. So, here is my thoughts piled up in a form of poem (may be) and I hope you LOVE it.

Spread Love!

One & Only Way To Feel Inspired

Anything on the internet today is giving you pointers on what is, how it is, and why it is. Every third article is about “9 ways to know that…” or “5 ways on how to….” etc. For truly knowing something emotional, truly finding answers, or getting inspiration, you gotta know only one thing.

That one thing is “What feels right to your heart?”

For most of the people inspiration is nothing more than what they love to do the most. If an engineer who loves music have to get inspired to do something innovative, his first and foremost thought will be to ease into the music he loves, and as soon as he is filled with sound, tremble, bass and lyrics of that music, he will feel inspired.

When you feel lost
don’t go too far
for the answers are right here
in your heart.

Inspiration a.k.a the thing you love to do can be anything. Music, travelling, movies, a walk in the garden, your beloved pet or your work itself. Just remember one thing,

“One way to get inspired is doing the one thing which brings you peace and happiness. Hear your heart, it has been thumping and oozing inspiration all along.”

Don’t look for permanent solutions in some temporary articles. Yes they will help. They will make you feel good for a while. You will agree to all those points. You will relate them with your life because somewhere you want it to. You may go ahead and plan your days ahead thinking that you will adhere to the method you just read. But, the very day when those words start to fade away, your memory, your enthusiasm gives you hard time, then you must turn to the voice in your heart. Just like hard work and dedication comes from within, learn to be self motivating.

I am not completely against any helpful words ( cause that’s what I am doing here myself ), but make sure you read the right words and look the right path.

Be happy!