Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

Love is an endless ocean,
an unanswerable question,
a never-ending story,
a feeling known to all, different to each,
beauty, peace, hurt, lifeline, purpose – everything.

No one can understand love truly, yet everyone knows it, craves it, and feels it.
It is the foundation of all good relationships and one should always find ways to express their love not just in words but gestures.

Few ways one expresses their love towards another:

  • Gifting the thing one has been longing for.
  • Doing small chores and helping out.
  • Spontaneous dates and meetings.
  • Listening intently even if not agreeing.
  • No conditions and boundations.
  • Moving out of the comfort zone.
  • Changing behaviour and habits.
  • Dropping random calls, messages or notes.
  • Trying out new things together.
  • Being there in difficult times, in failure, in sadness, and in happiness.

Love comes effortlessly when it shines from within. Love is not all about saying “I love you” but showing it.

Express it. Show it. Spread it.

…until next time

No More New Me!

No more “New Year, New Me” delusional resolutions.

Enter into the new year as your old self. Changing year doesn’t have to mean that you have to change yourself as well. Sure the new year seems like a new start, but the start can begin from wherever you are in your life right now.

Carry your whole self and explore new things as they come. Instead of adding new things to your resolutions, why not work on your old habits and behaviour and bring a change in them?
Why not revitalize the good things in you, polish them more, work on the left out project, push your old dreams harder, and walk on the path which made you feel happy and content in the previous year.

The new year feels is great for motivation, no doubt about that. Just take the motivation and positivity, and jump into your projects with more passion and determination.

Take up the old you and put some more you into it!

Wish you all a Happy New Year!

New Year Musings

I try to write and post daily,
but when I sit randomly and start scribbling stuff, I feel like I am forcing it on you and myself, and I don’t like that.

“Art is not forced, it is meant to flow. It comes naturally, like life.”

So, here I am sharing a happy flow of emotions as the year is about to end and the next one is on the horizon, waiting to rise. For some it’s just another normal year, for some it’s going to be sad as the previous year took a lot from them, but it will be same for all in sense of something new and unknown. And I like that – waiting for that mysterious next day with twists and turns, happiness and sadness, surprises and shock, and of course growth and newness 🌼


© Kinjal Jain

Too much?

As the end is so near, and the unknown is about to happen,
my heart is recalling all that has happened this year,
and I am fearful yet excited to know what is about to come.

For an overthinker like me, this time of the year is full of thoughts and emotions, like a tsunami ready to swamp and wash me away to bring something new in my place.

I am all set with new resolutions, goals, motivation to do better, and mentally strong, yet I am overwhelmed with the roller coaster I had this year and I don’t know if I am ready to step into something new.

Phew! how much is too much?

Well, I hope you are well aware of yourself, unlike me, and hope you are all set to enter the year with more zeal and zest. And if not, if we are sailing in the same boat, then I would say, “You are stronger than you realise. The anxiousness is okay and the thoughts will settle. For now, breathe and step into the new day like every other day.”

Yours truly,