“What gave me peace ultimately,
was the sound of rain
on a Wednesday afternoon.
Snatching away a moment from work,
thinking the truth about pain,
all the hatred, resentments, questions
for all those who hurt me – thinking –
we are all the same when it comes to pain.
Peace came to me as I forgave all
on a Wednesday afternoon while watching the rain.”

Everyone has their own struggle and goes through pain. From time to time I take time to look back to the moments and people who have hurt me in the past. And I forgive them. Eventually, forgiveness is what brings you to an acceptance of what life is, what people are, and what is your reflection towards them.

Hope you do take time and forgive those who have wronged you, and accept the past.

P.S: Forgiving does not mean forgetting, instead it is acceptance and moving on.

…until next time

Towards Light & Love

Sitting by the candle, one feels drawn towards its light and a calm captures the soul. The fragrance leaves you in trance of joy and purity, and the surroundings transcends into a happy place.

May this feeling never leaves you. Light a candle tonight with me and feel the music of joy beating in your heart and soul.

What does light mean to you?

Do share your musings with me.

…until next time


There for you?

“Choose your words wisely,
weigh them before speaking,
as few are here to listen,
but mostly to judge.”

Have you ever bottled up your feelings and thoughts because you know no one is really going to understand you. Well, here are a couple of facts – Firstly, no one can ever understand you completely because perceptions will always be different. Secondly, in your entire life you only meet 2 to 3 people who actually listen to you with an unbiased or pre-prepared notion about you.

So, if you ever feel like conveying your thoughts or letting out your favorite moments, deepest fears, wild dreams or just a cute little thing happened go to that one person who truly listens even if they don’t understand it, and not to those who seem nice on the face or who are always cutting you off in the middle just to tell you their “midway cooked up advice or perception”.

But the most effective idea to release all your feelings is “Journaling!”
It is indeed the best way to write the story of your life, a friend who always understands and the most interesting part, few years later you can come back and relive it. Maybe laugh a little, shed a few tears and see how beautifully you have grown.

P.S: If you have something to share right now, I am here for you – a stranger who will listen and certainly not judge you.

Coffee Painting

The hypnotizing aroma,
the different shades of caffeine,
a swift swirl with brush,
a drop of water here and there.

Magic of coffee art

Once in a while I love to explore the painter in me and it was one of those days when I attended a #coffee_art workshop. I had an amazing time and learnt that you can be addicted to coffee in more than one way.


“Everyone is selfish.
You just need to know who are the ‘right’ amount.”