Life & death with a twist

While wandering in my “mind palace” I always try to give simplest and most talked about things a different angle. Life and death are one of those constants which are always in your conversation. People are worried about living a great life. People are worried about tragic deaths. People are basically in a race to live fully or die peacefully. So, I gave life and death a little twist of my own.

Life will always be Candid

78545dafed89fb352548621486e85e35An uncertain, surprise click
capturing you without any notice
some pretty smiles, few weird moments
your life will always be candid

A beautiful frame
each click with different perception
understood by some, unaccepted by few
something on focus & rest on blur
your life will always be candid

Let it be captured
let it focus on the best
let it be framed with changes
then, see the negative, photoshop it yourself,
and make the positives shine

Coz candid is beautiful!


Note : This poem is a metaphor of life portrayed as candid pictures.
Mingle it with your perception and understanding of life.


I could hear my heart beating,
I could hear all the heartbeats,
The only one I couldn’t hear was hers.

Again the winter is here ,
Almost a year went by,
the entire storm is numb to me,
can only hear her last sigh.

she told me to laugh a little more when she is gone,
but all I could hear is life laughing at my tears,
all the dark walls surrounding you,
don’t bother anyone, but only me,
suffocating every breathe I take connoting my plea.

I could hear all the heart beats,
I could feel them walking around me,
Thank God you took my soul away with you,
Coz without you I am a Drop dead dew.


mask-fb-cover.jpgHis beautiful words,
her shining eyes,
cluster of appreciation,
nothing but a pyramid of lies.

The rushing-gushing volcano of blood,
erupting through her heart,
his pompous strokes of words,
nothing but a deceptive art.

The speeches hid the true colors of mind,
the quote got highlighted,”love is blind”

Fine it seemed when she saw his smile,
unknown to her, the Mask was about to fall,
Oh dear! just wait a while.