You – The universe

Each layer of your character is precisely designed by something or someone. Sometimes you learn voluntarily and the other times unknowingly things bite you (like a mosquito!).
You are like that modern art. A mixture of anything and everything, portraying something.

Rebellious Change

The poem is all about getting out of your comfort or rebelling something you have been forced to live all these years. Don’t stay where you are not happy. Doing something because others expect you to do will always result in nothing, but numbness. Rebel! Question! Fight! for what is right for you and your happiness. Empty pots cannot pour water.

Something colourful and happy.

Gazing through the vast sky
her soul was long lost;
In the freezing winds
all she can feel was the numbness of her heart.
In the loss of something pricey
she found her own value.
Everything around her was fragile,
yet she was unbreakable within.
She was weary, she was scared,
but the eyes were brimming with hope.

The colours seemed little dry,
the brushes little withered,
but the Canvas was shining white,
and once again she was ready to paint,
paint this new chapter of her life.

Work of a Writer

Quill pen and ink well resting on blank parchment paper with cop

Every piece you come across,
every word and line formed,
taken right from the core part of their hearts,
drawn from the deepest emotions,
each sentence carved with brilliant artistry,
hours worth thinking, re-writing & editing,
reaching the zenith of their soul,
inked the paper with calligraphic blood & sweat,
like a personal diary meant to be read.

A diary not to keep to oneself, but
to transcend the people from natural to the supernatural
to fill the world with the magic lying in their hands
to just make the earth a beautiful place.



*A writer’s work is a never ending journal. good, bad, best and extraordinary. Written to bring something nice to the earth.

The Subconscious

Don’t underestimate your subconscious. Focus on what questions bother you on repeat mode. Those questions are not useless. They are your purpose. People spend their whole lives shutting their subconscious. They let the practicality take over their minds. They don’t dig deep enough and lead a meaningless life. 

Differentiate yourself from them. Seek the answers.

Why few people hate homeless and others empathize with them?

Why some are drawn to materialistic pleasures and others to spirituality?

etc etc.

Answer before you become subservient to only the shining gift wrap and never get to open the real present lying beneath it.

A whole lot you

The more I talk to you,

The more you grow inside of me,

You are like the new born cell in my body,

everyday becoming a part of me.

One day I will be nothing of me and a whole of you,

Cause your love is consuming me.
*Love in every way is a bliss for me. Be it the pain or the perks of love, it is always a blessing to me.