Affirming Everyday

Does saying positive things and writing down affirmations truly help?

I am always on a mood roller coaster. Sometimes I am excited and happy, other times I am just numb. I am a person who lives in the extremes. Someone suggested that I should write down or listen to positive affirmations every day and see how it all manifests in my life. The universe truly listen, they said. I have been doing that on and off, and sometimes when the mood is way off, it gets difficult to read the affirmations and believe in them. Because honestly the heaviness of the emotions mostly outweighs the positive outlook.

But slowly, affirmations have become a habit now. I try to read or write one every day and I don’t know if the universe is listening, I am doing it for a minute of positivity and balance.

I am one of those people who at the end of the day wants to do better the next day. I don’t give up, no matter what hardships come in life. I always want to move ahead and change my perspective into a positive one. And this never giving up attitude has always brought wonderful times in my life.

So, I don’t know what the universe is manifesting for me. I am manifesting things for myself and the daily affirmations are the window that brings the light of hope into my life.

Kinjal Jain

The Pain Changes You

The change that comes from pain is one of the most crucial moments of your life which shifts your life completely. It’s a force from the beyond. A calling that comes at the time when you are about to jump off the cliff to end the pain, but you look up and decide to back out and change the path. It’s a kind of elating enlightenment and the change from the pain becomes your biggest gain.

Share your moment of enlightenment 🙂

Too tired

There comes a point in life where you are just tired.

Tired of the pain, your endless suffering. You are not in the search for happiness anymore. You just want some relief.

A day where you feel light. A moment where you are not thinking of how to stay strong. A span of time, which doesn’t ask you to fight.

What to do when you feel this heart wrenching tiredness? Any ideas?

You Are Here – Just Hidden!

“You live in the time between moments,
you live in the pauses between breaths,
you live in those tears hanging over the edges,
you live in the unreasoned smiles,
you live – in the most secretive places of my being.”

Kinjal Jain