Prompt: “Words that describe your inner power.”

Introspecting yourself is a thing one does for their entire life. Getting to know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses is the most essential part of growing.

“When I look in the mirror,
I see,
exploring eyes, blushing cheeks, and a smile.
The outer me seems good enough to me always,
even with the curves, the scars, the brown moles,
little bulging tummy, and a slight slouch.
When I dive into the depths of my heart & soul,
I see,
a child let loose, an explorer of life,
a shy shadow, a curious mind,
a loving being, a scared-anxious soul,
a forgiving-healing heart, a fighter for life,
basically – a mix of yin & yang.”

I have a mixed personality, like a thali with so many dishes. Spicy, sweet, sour, crisp! I have always been a person who has changed her opinions, and who has adapted to life as it comes. With physical struggles, a terminal disease, and an enthusiasm to live life to the most, I have always grown with every moment and learned at every step. I am a curious being, a dreamer, a fairytale lover, and everything magical.

You know me a little now, let’s know you more.
If you want to share something about yourself, I would love to know you!