Doesn’t the world seem so blurry and dark? Everything feels numb and every sound makes you twitch, a little light hurts your mind, and the frustration is mingling its root with anger!

Believe me I know how you are feeling with all the weight on your soul. But dear stranger, a far away friend, you are not alone.

People like you and me don’t feel the ray of hope coming, instead we create our own light, our own hope, our own happiness.

So, get up and go in front of the mirror and just tell yourself, “I am the light. And f*ck this sadness and numbing feeling. I am a ray of sunshine, and I am going to shine on people and life.”

Look at the smile on your face! Beautiful! And I can feel that you don’t feel alone and heavy anymore. Look around and find that one person who gives you comfort and just smile. That person can be you also. Feel the gratitude and feel light and alleviated.

Stay happy!