“I create my happiness,
I create my sadness,
I am the one drowning,
I am the one flying,
I am the creator of my life.
So what if
it’s sometimes calm,
sometimes chaos?”

The more I look deeper, the more I realize that wherever I am today in my life, it’s because of my choices. If I am sad or happy, it’s all because I am watering those emotions from the way I am looking at the situation. When people hurt me and I let them get to me, it’s because I feel it and I let it consume me. If a rejection pushes me down, then I am letting that rejection change my mood. If something great happens, I choose happiness. And in all these scenarios, it’s always me who can change the next moment.

I am choosing to feel it all. I am choosing to live a life where I feel everything to its core, I let it change me in a good way, and I move on as a better person. It’s who I am – I create my life with every atom I come in contact with!

-Kinjal Jain