Love is an endless ocean,
an unanswerable question,
a never-ending story,
a feeling known to all, different to each,
beauty, peace, hurt, lifeline, purpose – everything.

No one can understand love truly, yet everyone knows it, craves it, and feels it.
It is the foundation of all good relationships and one should always find ways to express their love not just in words but gestures.

Few ways one expresses their love towards another:

  • Gifting the thing one has been longing for.
  • Doing small chores and helping out.
  • Spontaneous dates and meetings.
  • Listening intently even if not agreeing.
  • No conditions and boundations.
  • Moving out of the comfort zone.
  • Changing behaviour and habits.
  • Dropping random calls, messages or notes.
  • Trying out new things together.
  • Being there in difficult times, in failure, in sadness, and in happiness.

Love comes effortlessly when it shines from within. Love is not all about saying “I love you” but showing it.

Express it. Show it. Spread it.

…until next time