Being an overthinker, one usually feels low at many points and doesn’t feel like working or even getting up to do any chore. It’s okay to skip work and take a breather, but only sometimes. Because one can never grow out of any zone if they keep avoiding the important things.

I have learned one thing from being an overthinker myself – “Working truly helps! It somehow releases the negative energies and brings back my focus and confidence. When I accomplish something at work, I instantly feel like I did something worthy. I feel a little better, and then I jump to other things and end up having a fulfilling day.”

Doing little things with a bit of willpower can be therapeutic. Decide to get up, start the work and ask your emotions to shut up for a while. Even the smallest of accomplishments are sometimes huge and liberating. 

How are you feeling today? If you feel like you are not okay and something in your life doesn’t feel right, then get up and make a nice cup of tea or coffee, open your laptop and just work on something. And if everything is fine and you feel great, then also make a cup of tea or coffee and feel grateful about the day and your life. Just enjoy it’s going to be alright.