“Whenever you go in the search of happiness, peace and strength, the way always leads to inward.”

This has always been true about living a good life. Bring the change in you, find everything within you and your life transforms. Today in the Art Therapy session, I had to lie down and close my eyes and breathe. I had to observe my breath and imagine the colors I felt inside my body while breathing. It was beautiful and quite relaxing. Then after 5 minutes, I had to paint all those colors on the sheet and create my ‘Current State of the Body’. Hence, the image you are looking at came in my mind (for the symbols I used google and drew some archaic symbols I found for the words I felt my body parts denoted)

Here’s a small attempt to denote my Body State:
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-25 at 4.10.57 PM (1)

My heart and my mind are always connected. All my life choices have been a balance of my heart and mind. I have never regretted anything, as I always knew that at that moment what I wanted and I chose it. They are dark in color because I am a highly emotional and sensitive person and whatever comes in my life, seems to have most effect on them. The green and yellow are my soothing colors and it flows beautifully in my body. The orange is somewhat the pressure of my physical condition and sometimes the anger or anxiety.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-25 at 4.10.57 PM (2)

Coming to the symbols, Strength and Transformation near my hand denotes my belief as a writer. Being a writer makes me believe that I have the strength and the ability to transform my life and others through my words. In my heart I always carry Love and I believe this is the most powerful emotion and most empowering emotion in humans, and one must always carry it in one’s heart. The mind is like a Universe, it encloses unimaginable powers. Once a person believes in it and learns its force, him or her are bound to have a great life. The symbol of God over my head is that faith and hope in the Lord and oneself can help you achieve anything in life. Imagine you pouring water on your head, the water is the Divine power and it flows down all your body, and thus, the Lord always resides on your head. Last one is Peace. It lies in the middle of my heart and mind, connecting them and making my life serene. Whenever any storm hits the mind or heart, the peace is always there to calm.

Hope you enjoyed reading it and somewhere down the prose you also imagined your “Self-State” through my words.