There are times in life when you are completely mesmerized by the moment and tonight was one of those nights where the moon shone beautifully and turned the blues of lockdown into bliss. So, here is my experience of tonight, hope it reaches your heart the way it did mine.

It is one of those nights, breezy. Not one of the cold, shivery winds, but the ethereal ones which sweep off your soul into the night sky. It’s the night, where when you look up at the moon, silver-shining in all its glory, you can’t help but feel like its risen tonight, just for you. You transcend into tenderness and see yourself falling in love with the universe. The clouds, dancing around the moon, being playful by hiding the charm and you can’t wait for them to pass. You can’t wait for the clouds to take a swirl and you can again make love with the sight. Music, the serene whooshing of winds, surrounds you and syncs with the beats of your heart. Your entire being is filled with ecstasy and you are left with divine gratefulness for this moment.

Happy Reading!

Stay home. Stay Safe.