We are only SAFE under our OWN ROOF!
I was going through water color paintings, to try my hand on, and suddenly my eyes dropped on this one. It caught my attention as it instantly gave me a thought of ‘gratefulness’ that I am at home and safe.

As a writer think it’s my duty to make you aware of the current situation and hope my words bring a difference (maybe only a slight one) during these circumstances. Looking at this umbrella and the colors beneath is your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Right now, when the world is under a huge cloud of disease, death and despair, you can bring the rainbow of hope, healing and happiness by doing your part.

Stay home, learn everything about the virus (as much as possible), and make people aware of it who doesn’t have access to all the information, humbly yet firmly ask the people who are going out for no reason to follow the protocols. Help the people around who have scarce resources with bit of money or food or any kind of supply. Help the stray animals by putting some food outside your home. Don’t abandon your pets. Do not over shop, take only what is necessary and can last up to few weeks. Keep good personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently with soap (do not waste water while doing it), keep using the sanitizer. Clean your house properly. And do what keeps you healthy and happy at home.

It’s the individual in you that needs to wake up. It is a war of every single person. It is a war to save the humans and humanity. Living under a lockdown can be stressful, but every rain has a rainbow hidden inside, it will smile on you with a little sunshine. Make your lockdown count. Live all the moments with utter joy with your family. Reconnect, revitalize and revive everything. It is YOU and ONLY YOU, who can change the course of this pandemic. Let’s stay apart to fight together.

P.S: Do not panic. Stop the spread of rumors. And keep smiling.

Happy reading!