What has become of this world?
Even the simplest thing,
the most genuine blooming emotion
has become a pretense.



It was difficult to judge the fake people in your life. Now people have no idea about the smile either! Is it real or just a pretentious curve?!
Nobody is ready to accept that the detached life the millennials want to live is ruining the most genuine of feelings.

Of course, the world around and within will fall apart.
When even you don’t want to keep anything in your life close, why would things want to stay?
How will anything build in your life, when you don’t want to cement it with commitment?

This is what Karma is. It doesn’t see your convenience. It gives you what you give to it.

For once, try not to run away. Try to stay and look around.

Stay for the spring, flowers take time to bloom.
Hard work, commitments, responsibilities, sacrifice, care, love, happiness – it all needs patience.

If you don’t wake up at the right time, you are bound to miss the sunrise.

As the saying goes,”You can’t skip the chapters of life. One has to go through everything whether good or bad.  So, instead of rushing, one might as well enjoy it.”