Need a Monday Motivation?

Why just Monday, let me give you motivation for the rest of your week. i’ll give you a whole pack of coffee in one go to give you energy for the whole week! That’s right.

“Don’t live for the WEEKENDS.”

Chill and enjoy every single day. Weekdays are as beautiful, fun and good as weekends if you look close enough.

You are working with sleepy eyes with a cup of juice or coffee on your table (enjoy every sip, let the taste soothe your foodie soul), you are pinning down your tasks and getting on them, maybe you are lazying up a bit, turning around and telling your weekend stories to your colleagues or just joking around with them, simultaneously you are humming the song you were listening on your way back home (cause its stuck in your head). You missing your bed which makes it the most special thing in the world.

Now look at this,
the work you are doing, the pile of tasks, are the things you studied hard for, this work is the reason you are able to enjoy your weekends so amazingly. Think and be grateful that you are doing something meaningful and productive. Be grateful! Put more efforts now and tell Monday that you are done with your coffee and are ready to get the shit done. I am going to rock today and tomorrow, and the rest of my week LIKE A PRO.

Let your Monday be different than other’s and let it be same like your weekends. You got everything. Let’s work!