I am choking on an invisible rope around my neck.
I know it’s hurting me, but I don’t how to remove it cause I can’t see it.

Depression and anxiety are these invisible ropes. You know you are suffocating, but you don’t know what’s suffocating you. You can’t find the reason behind it and hence, you are unable to remove it.

Some people don’t understand what’s wrong because from outside it’s all fine, everything is merry and satisfactory. Even if you try to explain them, they can’t see any valid reason, and even you can’t seem to see any valid reason sometimes, but it is there and the only person who knows something is wrong, someone who feels the presence of that invisible rope is the one choking!

How to remove this rope?
How to stop yourself from choking?
Well, maybe, begin with not finding the rope thats choking you. Instead look for the strength that’s helping you breathe and stay alive. And from there, start looking for lively things, people who comfort you and don’t judge you, be in the midst of art, smile often without any reason and do things you love on a daily basis and when you get tired, immediately stop and rest for a while and then start again. Slowly and steadily that rope will loosen and your lungs will breathe a new life.

“Hope, persistence, faith and trying endlessly is the only way out. And I pray for all those who are choking, that you stay strong and don’t give up.”

I don’t know if I made sense or not, but I hope I helped loosen your rope a bit.

Keep Smiling! You are not alone.