An escape you called
out so loud last night,
for the universe to listen.
An escape so loud, from
your past?
your present?
your imaginations?
your mindful demons?
your peers?
your loneliness?
or simply yourself?

An escape scream, that echoed silently
in your heart for so long, but now,
now you’re tired.
You should be!
Elongated silence is a suffocating death.
Though it’s not the hardest…

The harder part is to move, to act and to really escape.
Crawl out of the darkness and numbness
into the light,
walk into the breeze of freedom,
break the leash of suffocation
and run.
The universe heard it way before you screamed.
The escape so loud, the scream, my dear,
was the answer!

Have you been struggling with millions of thoughts that eat you up daily, little by little? You want to change or escape from a situation, maybe your past, or your over-thinking, or anything else. You don’t share the thoughts because of the fear of nobody understanding you. You hold it inside, because you think you are strong enough to do better the next day. Let me tell you one thing, “You are STRONG!”

You think the silence, the numbness is the hardest thing you have struggled with, but let me put a reality check there. You feeling these things, your inner screams aren’t the hardest part. They are the first step towards an Escape from this situation. You think nothing is getting better, but it is. You screaming out loud, you knowing your situation, you wishing is the beginning of things getting better. But, what is harder than feeling it is getting out of this situation. You really have to move on, act on it daily to escape from your current loop. Maybe crawl at first, then start walking, and soon enough you will be running into a world much brighter and better.

Act today, your screams are the answer from the Universe that you are getting out. Believe and have faith.

© Kinjal Jain