People asked her,”After all that you have been through, have you ever felt broken at some point?”

She always smiled and replied,”I don’t break, I multiply! Because someone once told me that ‘I am a Miracle.'”

Yes, you all are a walking miracle and you can choose not to feel broken by the things happened or happening in your life. Everything that hurts you give you a chance to spread your strength, patience, love and kindness into the world.

Tell those who feel broken inside, tell them that every breath they take is magic. Spread the message and become one big miracle and turn all hurt into growth and happiness.

Pain is inevitable, so are the lessons and strength that comes with it.

I call out to all those people who feel disheartened, to look in the mirror and smile, distribute the miracle in your broken pieces into the world unaware of your magic.

©Kinjal Jain