“It’s my life. I will do whatever I feel like.”

This is one of those sentences which has created a selfish bubble around the people. Yes its your life, yes you have the power to make the decisions, but don’t use it as an excuse to run away from the apology you have to make to your loved one.

Your life is not just your life. Your decisions are not just your decisions. Everything you do affects the people around you. If you want to live a life of seclusion, go live in a forest. Nobody will get affected then. But, if you want to live in a social world then you have to think for the people you love.

Don’t consider the people in general who doesn’t matter to you, but think about those special few before you take your decisions and do whatever the hell you want to do. You don’t want your parents to impose their decisions and thinking on you, then you don’t take decisions where they will get hurt in the long term. Because that decision is same as imposing, they are helpless to change your mindset.

Thinking about others don’t mean that you have to sacrifice and compromise all the time, but a good consideration will always help you lead a happy life.

Think before you take huge decisions of your life by yourself. Think about your spouse, your parents and your children before you just spit your so-called “your life, your rules” decisions. Because when you will love someone deeply and they turn out to be selfish and leave you, it will hurt the same amount.

Think. Consider. Live happily.

© Kinjal Jain