I need to silence my demons,
they are taking over the angel face I have been holding.

If I am good, it doesn’t mean I can’t do bad.

If I handle the situation everytime, it doesn’t mean that I won’t stumble.

If I keep myself calm when I should burst, it doesn’t mean I cannot get angry.

Presence of something doesn’t mean the absence of other, it just means that it is hiding somewhere in the dark. It is kept hidden for some reason.

Don’t meddle with people who
keep you on the highest priority.

Don’t take them for granted who choose relationship over petty fights and doubts.

Don’t lose those who are ready to change for you, a bit, just so that you don’t have to make extra efforts.

Don’t choose temporary lies over permanent truths.

Don’t choose the reflection in the water, instead choose the mirror. It doesn’t get blur with slight waves.

Don’t lose those who choose to shine, cause in the world of Satans, being an angel is hard and seems impossible.

©Kinjal Jain