Smile brighter coz its the season of love. Shout from the highest of peaks to tell your ‘someone special’ that you love them.
Love is always found where you least expect it.
Though everyday is a day to celebrate love, but Valentine’s come to add a cherry on top of the cake.

A poem to spread some love.

Sun was warmer
nights cooler
flowers blooming
winds singing
season of love was gleaming.

days went
nights passed
without kisses, without warm hugs
no words shared, no stuffy toys either
the sweetness seemed too bitter.

Friday the 13th
scariest of all
her heart thumped
and eyes sore
expectations and time were
broken and shattered
tears, frown, hurt
to him
nothing mattered.

the next morning
she felt unwanted
least happy her eyes opened
to a bed of roses & a teddy
all suited and buttoned
neither the smile nor the hug
seemed to end
he went on his knees & took her hand
kissing her he went on
“You are my moonlight
You are my sunshine
Promise to be
My forever valentine.”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!