This post is a personal one and is very close to my heart. I am an animal lover and I have a pet rabbit. Her name is Champ and she is simply, fluffily amazing. I always wanted to share this part of my life with everyone and show them that unconditional love exists.


White as snow
round like a ball
as smooth as velvet
she is my favourite.

Though the poem is cute and sweet, it is a fact that Champ means the world to me. She came to my house when she could fit in my palm and now she is all grown up and chubby. I am so lucky to have her, coz she helped me learn two most important phases of a human life, i.e. , being a friend and a mother.


Yes, petting an animal is similar to being a parent. You have to teach them, you have to clean their mess, you have to take care of them, feed them and give them the right amount of time and love. And as a friend, she was always there to hug me, to kiss me (actually more of licking my nose!!) and a constant companion to share all my ups and downs. By the way, she is a great secret keeper. Rabbits are not as friendly and playful as dogs, but are certainly the cutest and most innocent of all.


A humble request to all those people who are thinking to pet an animal (any animal) or already petting one. Please take care of your pets, give them all the care and love, companionship and proper training. Don’t beat them, don’t scold them, and don’t leave them alone for a longer periods. They too suffer from loneliness, anxiety and depression. You have so many people to be with, but they have only you.

They are a part of your family, your life and they deserve the best. They not only bring happiness, but also heal you and help you live a better life.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please share your pet stories and pictures with me 🙂