Bathing in the sunlight
On a winter-y afternoon
A feather caught my eye
White with shades of grey
Little damaged but mostly fine
Stuck in the curtain.

Stuck like me, in the middle of a choice
Torn between staying there
Or getting out,
To lie and move a little with the uneven breeze Or fly away with the next forceful wind,
To live in this permanent secured home, until someone picks me up,
Or to struggle and step out in the insecure world, until I find a place of my own to rest.

The choice was made.
I plucked the feather and blew it into the world
In the hope of returning home when the day is done
I too open the wings and fly wherever I like
And return as the sun sets
In the cozy lap of my home.

There comes a time when we have a choice to make. To stay in our comfort zone, to pick a job with security and money, to stay with our family and take care of them and just sit and watch our life becoming a routine.

Then there is a second option. To walk on a road unknown, to explore yourself and choose to do what you love, to identify yourself as an individual and a social being, to make your life an adventure where uncertainities is what you seek and grow every day.

According to the stats people mostly go with the first choice and live by the plan. And there are few who fly away as soon as they learn to open their wings.

But, I think there is one more option. An option to merge both the choices. It will be difficult, but worthy of living. You can choose to live your dream, you can choose to make your dream your profession, you can choose to have a family at the same time, you can choose to roam around the world filling your life with adventures and then come back to your permanent home and sleep in content.

It all starts by communicating your dreams to your parents at an early stage. Show them that you can handle all at the same time. Tell them you will be fine, but more over you will be happy and you will keep them happy. Take responsibility of your life and your loved ones, but don’t take them as obligations.

I am not biased to any of the options above.

Some people choose security and love it. Some choose to keep moving ahead and live by the day and stay happy. And some, well some choose to create a mixture of both and create a delightful recipe of life.

© Kinjal Jain