With a huge smile on my face and bliss in my heart I would love to share the experience I had with the most beautiful creatures of God – Children!

Two tiny eyes filled with excitement
Two little hands ready with colors and brush in hand.
An innocent smile with an ambitious heart.
A small child eager to learn What is art?

It is true that an artist is hidden in each one of us, but I didn’t know that bringing out that artist in someone feels so good. And today those artists were none other than cute little children. When my friend asked me yesterday if I wanted to help her with a painting workshop arranged for around 50 underprivileged kids. I agreed to it, but was completely unaware of the experience ahead.


The kids in the school were eagerly waiting for us to take them on a colorful journey and their excitement soon captured us as well. Their sincerity and the amount of heart they put in learning was a delight to watch. We taught them a few techniques of painting with acrylic colors using leaves, ear buds and toothbrush. The things chosen had another purpose also, as these things will be easily available to the children,if they intend to practice painting in future.
The best part during all the learning and teaching, splashing and painting, was that all the children opened the wings of their imagination and painted the sheets with the colors of their choice. Letting the kids choose colors on their own for their paintings showed us how they perceive this world around them and above that it was mesmerizing to see a pineapple in blue, red shades and the leaves with colors of rainbow.



In the end we departed with so many pictures, ‘Thank yous’, smiles and beautiful memories. It feels great to be a part of such venture, moreover it feels great to spread art and joy (which for me is two sides of the same coin).

P.S – I would like to thank Chini ( Art by Chini )for including me in this workshop.