Once again there is this hole drilling into my heart
the drilling doesn’t stop
until the pain is at it’s zenith.
Where nothing but my brain screams
and screams silently.

I am breathless.
I am choking.

You can try and try to get better, but all you get is Nothing.
Its not that you don’t want to
but your mind and body don’t co-operate.

‘Try’, they say.
‘Smile’, they say.
And every word I hear somehow goes into an abyss.
I try to keep that curve on my face intact, but…
But one day will come when I won’t be able to fake it.
One day will come when the screams won’t be there anymore.
One day the breathing will stop and everything will be numb.
One day I will be gone from this world
it will be a happy place again.

What you just read is depressing and sad. You are thinking why someone wants to think this way or feel this way. You are thinking why I didn’t read something positive to make my day better.

Well, for you it is just another blog post or another text you came across, but for few it is reality.

Today half of the people are suffering from anxiety, depression and many are there who struggle every minute just to survive another day of their life.
They are the people you talk to everyday, they sit right beside you in your office, or people living in your home, your loved ones, your friends.

Suicide kills all but one.
Take a step for your loved ones, before their ladder comes to an end.

Feeling sad and anxious is the blooming stage of the worst nightmare of your life. It gets worse with time. Do not ignore your loved ones when they start showing signs of pessimism and frustration. Help them, care for them, listen to them, don’t laugh on their misery, be there for them, before they say,

“I quit.”

©Kinjal Jain