I was just going through my old notebooks and found one of my early writings. I couldn’t help but smile on the fact that before poetry had any deeper meaning, it was only rhyming and simple lines that made it interesting. I still go back to those writings and feel proud that I came a long way and they are my first footsteps in the writing world.

So, here it goes.

The more I try to be carefree,
my mind diverts to the task and plea,
finish this phase and you will be free,
then again I touch the freedom
just like the waves touch the shore and return to the sea.

One more achievement,
one more proud moment.
Another degree, another job,
another appreciation from a renowned snob.

In responsibilities I go flip & flop,
Life goes by — in this never ending tick-tock.

Now and then my heart leaps to a calmer world,
where nothing but a light breeze swirled.
No counting of the office hours,
no speedy life, no bossy powers.
No targets to be achieved, no endless work heaped,
Only the happiness, ‘Atlast! I am freed.’

My whole life went by,
with nothing left other than a regretful sigh,
A wish to cherish the moments with my family,
or spend some hours crazily,
To stop and smell the flowers for a while,
or may be appreciate a child’s smile.

Oh My Friend, let me tell you
take a leave or may be vacations few.
Create some memories out of your busy life,
bring the peace and calmness you strive.

As the life is short and time is knife,
Eat it whole
before the knife cuts you slice by slice.

Live before its too late.


Happy reading!