the body is made up of All,
all in small pieces

sins and virtues

I came up with this quote while reading a poem by Rupi Kaur. The poem was about “not being satisfied with what you have”.

A poem will not touch your heart all along and suddenly there will come a word or a line which makes sense to you and the whole poem is beautiful.

In the poem I got stuck at the word ‘satisfaction’ and it took me to all the desires and wants of life. To the greed of wanting something, to all the hard work we do to get what we want (in a good way) etc. Then it took me to all the sins and virtues we talk about. And then came up my thought.

 We are made up of both sin and good, though in small amounts, but we are a mix of yin and yang.

No one wants to commit any sin, and yet we do in a way we never thought of. 

Same goes for all the good, we do wanna keep the good side heavier than the sin (which we must) and keep working towards it.

Don’t worry if you commit mistakes, its a part of you. Embrace and learn.

Don’t stop after one good deed, its a huge world and needs more goodness then you can think.

Happy reading. Have a good day!