“Do what is right, rather than what’s easy.”

This quote always makes me wonder – What is the definition of “right”?

As what is right for me might be wrong for someone else.
Something which is easy may be right as well.
A work which seems degrading to me might be someone’s last resort to survival.
A refusal may seem an insult, but can be a way to future benefits.
How do you discern the rightfulness of a deed or a path?

There are always two sides, two people :
The ones looking outside the window, and the ones looking inside through the window.

I will suggest that do what seems right to you by evaluating your journey, your loved ones and your morals in life. Live a life of an individual and also help the society at large. Live a life where you don’t feel regrets and guilt. May be that’s my definition of “right”.

Keep asking questions to yourself, they make you wise and help you understand life on a bigger and larger level.

What is your definition of “right”?