We all have been there, at the verge of asking a question, are we feminists or chauvinists?
We all have been down the road where we support the rights of women and what changes are required to give an equal status to women.
But, by walking in one direction we often grow hatred for the other road and hatred will never lead us to the right destination. Everyone deserves rightful voice. Build your opinions on facts and be just to everyone (I mean EVERYONE).

A poem or a general wondering to question your opinions and outlook towards gender issues.

All hanging, dancing,
at the border line
feminism or chauvinism?
Your opinion needs to have a spine!

Does hating brings equality
Or was #metoo only one gender in totality?

Does addressing a girl as a “son” changes anything
Or is it another way of discriminating?

Does dress length decreasing is the reason behind teasing
Or the real question is the upbringing?

Does the salary numbers matter too?
Or is it better, the man and wife, together they grew?

Does chivalry has to be a man’s asset
Or a girl holding the gate will be another better facet?

Yes the history has a strong story
The men has stepped over women’s glory.
But, the time has changed since
both have evolved past their sins.

The choice is yours to make
Which gender side you are on
Or was there ever a side to choose from?