How often do you lie awake at night thinking all the possibilities of your life?
What dreams you have?
What right and wrong things happened in your life ?
What lies ahead and what has passed?

Personally, for me, the thoughts that wander at night are the most closest to your heart. They are crystal clear. They are the images of your truest self.
This is a Free verse poem extending the chant of your night-time thoughts. The poem is titled “Wisdom of the Night Owl” as nothing better than the bird who is considered wise and doesn’t sleep at night, just like your thoughts which help you to know yourself better and doesn’t let you sleep.
Rest I leave it to your interpretation.

Hope you enjoy it!

Staring at the ceiling
the swirl of the fan went smoothly,
just like her thoughts.
Thoughts as transparent as water,
which ran deep into the black-hole of her soul, her heart.
They were like Mirrors,
reflecting all her dreams,
all her regrets,
reflecting her past-self,
reflecting what she has become today.

They move along
stronger with every passing yawn
stronger than all the thoughts of the day time.
Stepping from the first to second,
just like the hand of the clock.
Their span, though short, run deep and long.
They tell her to dig deep the dirt,
eventually to find the hidden fortune,
the golden city of desires.

Well, that is the beauty of night-time thoughts,
they pour the divine light
on the face of you and your life
Albeit, the blackness of the darkest hour of the night.
The beauty of the night-time thoughts,
the silence which awakens all your senses.

– Kinjal Jain

Do share your night-time thoughts and how they have helped you in your life.

Thank you!

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