The poem is an attempt to blend creativity with a message. Very few know the importance of balancing life between routine and adventure, tradition and modernity, and of course choosing the right people and right deeds.”A letter to self” is a reminder that only you hold the power to shape your life. It is a reminder to ‘know’ what you are and what you can become as a person.

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Dear Me,
the past, the present & the future.
What are you?
What made you?
What you will be?
Are all but questions
whose answers you plea.

“Know when to change, know when to speak
& know when to fill the blank with a *beep*
Judge through the mirror of self
not through those who are mentally dumb & deaf.
Know what to learn,
Know what to let go & what to keep.
Keep those who ‘do’ rather just speak.
Gather strength, gather focus & will,
skip the routine and grill the thrill.
Know whom to love, know not to hate.
Walk, not alone, but lead all on the success you pave.
Know whom to respect,
respect know no age,
release the mind off, of the conventional cage.
Know nothing but virtues,
know the good & the right.
Life is a journey,
not a single destination flight.”

What you are?
What you will be?
the past, the present, the future Me
Dream large & deep like the sea,
you are & were meant to be,
A spirit left to wander
loose & free!