Thousands of years has gone by and the mankind has evolved. It has entered the world of loneliness, over-thinking, distracting negatively, and depression.

In the growing era of building social connections the people are getting more and more lonely. They have so many people around them and yet find themselves struggling from loneliness within.

Wherever you go, wherever you stay, whatever you want to change,

Far you shouldn’t go, its right within your range.

From the very beginning every philosopher has pointed that to bring a change in the world, you first have to win your own battles. Until you don’t seek your essence, you cannot impart the meaning defining the world.

Learn to know yourself and love yourself. Then and only then, walk into the world and help others. It is the biggest battle of Kalyug to teach the right and healthy ways of living.
Seek Within!

Note : Inspired by an article read in TOI.