Open up a newspaper any day and you will find people starting riots in the name of caste, creed, community etc etc. They take the law in their hands, they instantly claim the other party to be guilty and rage up against everything around them. They would burn down the vehicles, shops, hit the cops and what not.

Take a step back and look what you do in the name of rights and justice. I am not taking the side of the wrong doers. There may be a huge political party behind it or some strong financial body, or even the law holders themselves, but harming and destroying the peace and property is not the answer to the problems.

You fight for the rights. You fight in unity. You fight for justice. But you lose the biggest fight ever of Being Human.

An action is required to seek justice, but ruining the lives of others to make your life right is also a crime. The biggest power in the world is the power of a common man. No entity is bigger and stronger than that, but using that power in the right manner is everything.

Disturbing the peace of others for your rights and peace is an act of war in itself. War is a vicious circle. Harm someone one day, they will become powerful and will harm you the next day.

Grow together. Work together. Each and every human being is equal and should be treated fairly. Every life is precious. Those who do wrong will pay their dues. You make them pay their dues, but in a rightful manner.

In the end its all about human race. 

You created God, you created caste, you created countries and you created power. So, it is you who can bring the change! My fight ( and it should be everyone’s for that matter) is against harming others to gain your personal motives. My fingers are not pointed to any particular person or community, but to all those who fight blindly in the name of God, community, race, gender, caste and anything which is bounded by superstition.

Fight Right!