In the mid-summer’s night, you were looking at me
enchanting stars glowing in your eyes…

WAIT, WHAT?! Noooooooo…..

It was a normal day
normal midnight talk
an average couple
discussing the whole day
And suddenly, he made her smile
for a simple promise of meeting tomorrow
this smile was different from the rest of her smiles
this one was special, because he Unknowingly
touched those chords of her heart
which Knowingly made her fall in love with him.

P.S : Sometimes you love a person for not the things they are deliberately doing, but for the things they unknowingly do and it touches your heart.

Anyone can write anything about love. Why? Because it does not belong to a single person. Its not a genre for expertise. It is felt by everyone, only the frequencies are different.
Poets drown themselves in such posh vocabulary, amazing metaphors, verses, and rhythm to describe the feeling “love” (no objections, I love it). But, for me, love is the simplest and easiest language, sometimes conveyed just with a little smile. So, here is my thoughts piled up in a form of poem (may be) and I hope you LOVE it.

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