For a long long time I  have cherished the silence of night. I was the perfect example of a night owl. I loved how everything felt numbingly peaceful. No disturbance, no limit to thoughts, no limits to what I want to eat and do. Sky full of stars and possibilities. The howling of dogs became music to my ears. Movies and books, became my door to Narnia. The characters came alive and I could give hours to critiquing a movie or a book. Sometimes music soothed my ears all night, every word, every lyric, touching the deep ends of my soul. But then, that phase ended!

Now —

The rising sun calls out to me. The cool breeze rush through my hair, tangling them, for me to sort them later (just like life). Planning the whole day, planning the future. The meditating music breathes through me and I am ready to cherish this new found peace in the early hours of the day.

I love both the phases. They both are important to me and I will visit to the night-love phase sometimes. But for now I will sit in the balcony, sip tea and greet the world with morning wishes.

Happy Morning!!