How often do you take seriously “the power of good words and positive vibes?”
Only a few people know that ‘vibes’ , ‘frequencies’, ‘energies’ etc. are emitted not only through people but also through your thoughts. A while ago I was reading ‘The Secret’ and was thinking,”Does the law of attraction really works?”

Well, I haven’t found my answer yet, but I have started to believe. Believe in the power of good words, good thoughts and good deeds.

Happiness. Faith. Trust. Honesty. Belief. Fun. Laughter. Love. Hope. Peace. Money. Adventure. Dreams. LIFE!!

Read all the words. Slowly. Really focus on them and with each word you will relate it to your situation and life. Your mind automatically triggers the situations you are going through when you come across something and you start applying it to your life. Everyone will have different outlooks and feelings for every word. But one thing will remain common,”The feeling of motivation, the feeling of optimism.”

The power of these beautiful words is a way of bringing a change in the areas you are struggling right now. Do not underestimate the positive vibes of few good words, good people who emits positive energy, one good thought or good deed in a day.

Like attracts ‘like’, similar to the saying,”what you sow, you reap.”
The law of attraction will attract what you want most in life. It is never biased. Good attracts good, bad attracts bad.

The greatest power is in the word “love”. It is the biggest driving force of law of attraction. At the end of the day every person needs love, be it a rich person or poor, or anyone else for that matter. (I added ‘money’ in good words because it is one of the strong forces in your life which makes you happy. I am not talking about complete materialism, but it is sure a necessity for leading a good life).

So, today take a minute, smile, think good thoughts, and see what huge difference it makes in your day to day life.


*inspired by ‘The Secret’.