Depression! A common word these days. Every third person you meet is suffering from some sort of anxiety or depression. Why ? nobody knows. Solution? Only when spoken about freely to a person you trust ( that only if he/she understands you and are willing to help you). What to do then? I suggest, help yourself.

Its not good that something so dangerous is spreading so easily. Any small issue holds your mind so intensely that nothing but anxiety and anger is left. A minute ago you were all merry, a switch goes off, and only darkness prevails. This numbness, this negativity seems like your forever home.  I think the biggest problem is that no one is truly open to healthy communication anymore, albeit that we are just “a click” away from the world.

This super-paced life, reaching every corner, has left us with a void. We are connected to someone on the opposite pole of this earth, but don’t know how to talk to someone right beside us. Children are competing to enter into kindergarten class for God’s sake!

More reason of this growing plague is “generation gap”.The very preceding generation has no idea how to mingle with the dynamic perceptions and outlooks (changing every minute) and the present generation does not know how to make the elders understand what they go through and why their thinking is how it is. Whose fault is it? I guess no one’s.

The only thing which needs to be addressed is the right way of communication and with the right people. Develop such relations that not only the other person will understand you, but will help you heal. And if nothing works, nobody helps, then get up and beat this depression yourself. I am not “medically” aware of this situation or problem, but I have observed more or less it is your fight. Fighting your own ever growing thinking, your self-created fears, loneliness, external pressure and thousand other reasons which lead you to numbness. Dominate those non-explanatory feelings. You are the boss. No medication is better than your will power (trust me I know this personally that will power heals a person to a great extent).

“Your mind is the powerhouse of your body. Keep it charged with positive energy.”

Don’t shut yourself if you feel no one will understand you. Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Don’t be afraid to stand alone. Don’t think as it is your weakness. Don’t be ashamed of your anxiousness and the swings you go through.

You are only human!