Today while sitting by the window watching the world through the glass I thought about how billions of people are existing with their own stories and their own struggles. The pacing heads, running to achieve their dreams, climbing the ladder of success and purpose or some are merely working to survive, and here I am, sitting by the window thinking about my existence. My purpose, my story. How will I become the “one” in a billion who would want to know my story and my struggles. How will I become the voice of something important. Or may be I become one of those fleeting people in lives of others who will get inspired by my work, whose heart I might touch and make them feel good about their own lives.

This big question does pop up in your head once in a lifetime. Either you answer it right away or work towards merely “surviving”. Whether you answer it or not you will still be a part of the billion, but the difference remains is that you will be the one whose life will be touched soon by that “one” who did answer their question.