A quote & a painting!

Painting is my new found passion & writing will always be closest to my heart 🙂
Abstract art with a quote of mine I truly believe in!

You Are Here – Just Hidden!

“You live in the time between moments,
you live in the pauses between breaths,
you live in those tears hanging over the edges,
you live in the unreasoned smiles,
you live – in the most secretive places of my being.”

Kinjal Jain



Some people just don’t know how privileged they are with good health, supporting parents, financial help, and potential. It is indeed true – you value things when you don’t have them. Some people have talent; they don’t know how to work hard. Some people have no talent but they can work hard. Some people have both and they are just sitting and doing nothing.

They are waiting for the “right time”. That’s the funny thing about time it is always right once you know how to use it. Nothing comes easy, one always has to explore and hustle.

So you, who took time to read this, if you are okay, in good health, have a good amount of time and support – Work towards something big. Not everyone is privileged. If you are, be grateful.

You must be thinking why such strong, forcing message? Why do I care?
Well, I am one of those not so privileged people. I want every minute of my day to count, I am passionate about my work, I dream big, I just lack one thing – Good health. I thrive every day to just feel better, I pray to God that hopefully today I will be able to give my hundred percent. I struggle every minute with my health yet I try to work as much possible as my health allows me to. I have big dreams and I do work for them, even though when something big is holding me back every day. So, I value the time I have here in this world, and I do everything to make it meaningful and awesome.

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How does an ideal day in your life look like? – A Journal Entry

“Ideal is what comes and what you make of it.”

Dear Diary,
When I think about my ideal day, my thoughts instantly takes a turn towards a non-planned day with few adventures and just enjoying the flow of the day. Yes, there are many things which I wish to do like book reading in a café surrounding colors and plants, hot cup of tea with a pen and notebook near a flowing stream with the music of running water, chirping of birds and whispers of the trees, or maybe walking down the street and doing window shopping, but clubbing them into one ideal day is not my cup of tea.

I guess most of the people have their “ideal” stuff figured out, I did too. But as life unfolded in front of me, I tilted towards more of enjoying what comes my way and grow and glow with it. I think that’s how you are more open to life. Sure I love when my plan works, but I don’t mind spontaneity either. I rather embrace it. I used to get upset a lot in my early 20s when things didn’t go as planned and it kept me cranky most of the time. I released the plan with the blow of my fallen eyelash and wished for a more free and wild life.

So, my ideal day is a blank page of my book waiting to be filled with new things, experiences, people and feelings with different moods throughout the day and peace in the heart when I lay on my bed at night.

…until next time


Love is Rhetoric


While going through the various posts on Instagram today I came across some brilliant writing and 90% of them was about love. The poems or thoughts may carry pain, heart break, or a cheating soul, they were still easy to ink on a paper. Spilling words about love, about the aesthetic it carries or the pain followed, its strangely beautiful to see that how a heart in love becomes poetic. The expression love holds is food to soul. It nourishes every cell in the body. Hatred and revenge doesn’t carry such power to inspire someone. It only destroys the within. Even the ‘fire’ which is supposedly a symbol attached to hell is now used freely to symbolise passion of love, flames of inspiration and success. Love coats the perception of life with a little bit of honey and cashews. Even if you have been hurt or dejected in love, it allows you to transform in ways you never knew can become a reality.

Love doesn’t have to be coming from the opposite sex. It is not something small, confined to only one person. It can be a love for nature, love for your parents, love for a pet or an animal or may be a love for oneself. It is every particle which creates the universe. It is the infinity which goes beyond time and space. Let it grow. Let it flow. It is beyond our definition.

Love is rhetoric.

Writing Challenge – Day 1

Prompt: “Words that describe your inner power.”

Introspecting yourself is a thing one does for their entire life. Getting to know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses is the most essential part of growing.

“When I look in the mirror,
I see,
exploring eyes, blushing cheeks, and a smile.
The outer me seems good enough to me always,
even with the curves, the scars, the brown moles,
little bulging tummy, and a slight slouch.
When I dive into the depths of my heart & soul,
I see,
a child let loose, an explorer of life,
a shy shadow, a curious mind,
a loving being, a scared-anxious soul,
a forgiving-healing heart, a fighter for life,
basically – a mix of yin & yang.”

I have a mixed personality, like a thali with so many dishes. Spicy, sweet, sour, crisp! I have always been a person who has changed her opinions, and who has adapted to life as it comes. With physical struggles, a terminal disease, and an enthusiasm to live life to the most, I have always grown with every moment and learned at every step. I am a curious being, a dreamer, a fairytale lover, and everything magical.

You know me a little now, let’s know you more.
If you want to share something about yourself, I would love to know you!


There is a height or limit of tolerance. One needs to either silently walk away or speak out. Don’t go on tolerating.


For those who are not feeling okay


Doesn’t the world seem so blurry and dark? Everything feels numb and every sound makes you twitch, a little light hurts your mind, and the frustration is mingling its root with anger!

Believe me I know how you are feeling with all the weight on your soul. But dear stranger, a far away friend, you are not alone.

People like you and me don’t feel the ray of hope coming, instead we create our own light, our own hope, our own happiness.

So, get up and go in front of the mirror and just tell yourself, “I am the light. And f*ck this sadness and numbing feeling. I am a ray of sunshine, and I am going to shine on people and life.”

Look at the smile on your face! Beautiful! And I can feel that you don’t feel alone and heavy anymore. Look around and find that one person who gives you comfort and just smile. That person can be you also. Feel the gratitude and feel light and alleviated.

Stay happy!

You Know You

Every now and then you get a situation where you want to just tell the person the blunt truth about how they are hurting you. But, choose not to. Choose not to stoop low to their level. Choose to live your life without them and make peace with the fact that your life journey and your life’s truth is only known by you. Don’t expect anyone else to understand it.

Because some people come with glasses and they understand you a bit. Some come with a cataract in their eyes and can see a blurry version of the truth and some are completely blind.

Be your own gaurdian and protect your truth.